Discover a sneak preview of Hasselt University’s new Freehand Architectural Drawing Video Course.

Faculty of Architecture and arts at Hasselt University • 7 octobre 2020

Over the last months the Faculty of Architecture and arts at Hasselt University has been working on a new project: an online Freehand Architectural Drawing Course. They have filmed over 8 hours of high quality instructional videos, outlining the most important aspects of freehand drawing. And the working title is ‘Sketch Atlas’. 


At Hasselt University they are already integrating these videos in their blended learning approach. But they are confident the Sketch Atlas has value beyond the walls of their own alma mater. Think other universities, and even architecture firms that could benefit from this platform.


And they want to hear your thoughts, before they start improving the platform. 


May we kindly ask you to complete the questionnaire via the links below. We have created one link for educators, and one for architects. Via this link we will also give you a sneak preview of what the Sketch Atlas looks like today.





It would be great if you could also share these links with your colleagues and/or network. Your feedback is highly appreciated, and will help us improve the 2.0 version of Sketch Atlas. We will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you very much for your time.