*An interior architecture magazine published by BNi and AINB


Founded in 2018. A trade magazine for members of BNi and AINB to inspire them on their profession. Nook is complimentary for the members and a relation magazine for stakeholders.


Each issue has a theme


Content is intellectually stimulating and visually appealing. To broaden the readers’ horizons we not only interview interior architects and interior designers, but also entrepreneurs, philosophers, software developers, curators and artists. Human interest on the work and life of the architects. Internationally focused and showcasing projects from around the world related to the respective theme.


Published in English, 4 times a year.


subscription fee

merbers of AiNB and BNi: included in de membership fee

non-members: 4 editions of Nook per year for €49.


After signing up, you will receive an invoice. Once this is paid, you will be sent Nook for a year.

Cancellation is possible up to two months before the subscription period expires.

Without cancellation, the subscription will be extended by one year. Address changes can be mailed to



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