Create the dynamic home of tomorrow

31 maart 2021

On 22 April 2021, The session will focus on the topic of ‘Home Dynamics’. With the pandemic resulting in a huge increase in the number of people working remotely, we have been making all sorts of radical changes to our homes over the last year. This session will examine what the homes of tomorrow can do to respond to these new dynamics and accommodate all aspects of our lives.

Never have our homes undergone such radical changes as in the past year. As we were forced into lockdown, they became our safe havens, and had to function as our offices and schools, playgrounds and gyms, restaurants and cinemas. With more and more companies opting for a distributed operating model, we can expect the share of people working from home – whether full-time or just for part of the week – to drastically increase in the months to come. Our domestic spaces have to respond to these new dynamics and accommodate more aspects of our lives.

Any societal shift requires a design response. What can we learn from the past? What have we learned from the remote working experiment of 2020? As designers, architects and manufacturers, our challenge is to maximise the use of limited space, while generating a sense of safety and well-being and making room for more individual choices as we create the dynamic home of tomorrow.