EXHIBITION: Unfolding the Archives #3 Bataille & ibens • 1 april 2021

The third episode in the series Unfolding the Archives shines the spotlight on interior architects Bataille & ibens. The exhibition takes ‘detail’ as its starting point and, in so doing, offers a new perspective on the oeuvre of the famous designer duo.

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Bataille & ibens archive

Interior architects Claire Bataille (b.1940) and Paul ibens (1939-2020) belong to one of the first generations to shape the discipline of interior architecture in Belgium. They placed the importance of interior design on the map. Their work became an example of best practice and a reference point for students and colleagues. The Bataille & ibens oeuvre, which spans almost six decades, testifies to an extremely diverse and wide-ranging practice. It encompasses designs for homes, interiors, furniture and objects. A selection of works from the Bataille & ibens archive, ranging from plans, drawings and photographs, to furniture and objects, illustrates this rich oeuvre. Key aspects such as detail, intersections, proportions and materialisation all play a crucial role in their nuanced design approach.

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