Introducing modulyss's Latest Offering: Tailored Carpet Flooring

26 april 2024

Since its inception in 2010, modulyss has been at the forefront of modular design innovation. Continuing this legacy, modulyss proudly presents its newest service: a custom carpet design service that empowers designers to use their creativity fully.

With a rich history of delivering premium carpet tiles to the global commercial market, modulyss has become synonymous with sustainability and innovation in soft-flooring solutions. Through an extensive palette of colours, textures, and backings, modulyss carpet tiles have consistently enabled designers to realize unique and personalized designs tailored to each space's specific requirements.


Today, modulyss takes this commitment to customisation to the next level with its groundbreaking custom carpet design service. This service offers unparalleled design freedom, setting a new industry standard.

Drawing on extensive expertise within the design community, modulyss aims to provide interior designers and architects with limitless possibilities in colour and design. Ruben De Reu, Product Director, comments, "Our custom design service meets the growing demand for bespoke soft flooring options, offering designers exciting new avenues to meet their clients' needs."

Central to this service is cutting-edge print tile technology, ensuring seamless integration of visuals into the flooring.


Custom Colours:

From subtle gradients to bold colour blocking, designers can explore a spectrum of possibilities to create organic transitions or striking contrasts, defining spaces with clarity and coherence.


Visual Power:

Modulyss invites designers to incorporate artistic images or brand logos into their spatial designs with bespoke soft-flooring options. Whether it's a prominent logo or a branded carpet pattern, modulyss brings bold design visions to life.


Harmonious Fusion:

Designed to seamlessly integrate with modulyss' existing product range, bespoke carpet tiles effortlessly blend with standard collections, allowing custom flooring to take centre stage while complementing surrounding colours and textures.

With modulyss' custom carpet design service, designers can now elevate their projects with unparalleled creativity and precision, transforming spaces into unique reflections of vision and purpose.


Explore the possibilities and practicalities of the new custom design service at or at Architect@Work Luxembourg from April 24th to 25th or Architect@Work Brussels from May 29th to 30th .